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What You’re Buying at Sew and Taylor Too:

The reviews are in and the custom, artisan sewn and artisan quilted memory t-shirt quilts are being loved by young and young at heart.  Each t-shirt block is securely backed with interfacing, and the quilt contains one layer of light batting between the layers. The coordinating flannel back and binding are perfectly paired with the comfort of your memories, for any time of the year.  And our artisan quilting, deep in the rural fabric of this Country, is the perfect finishing touch for your gifting or memorial purpose.

Product Care:

Our memory t-shirt quilts are able to withstand occasional gentle wash cycles.  Dry Cleaning is always a recommended method, as well. Consider your goal for longevity when making cleaning decisions.  Due to our quality method of construction, this true t-shirt quilt will last many years, under normal conditions. Our true quilted t-shirt quilts can confidently be used daily, with general regard for the quilt.


Why This, Why Now?

This business has always been about how the process brings joy and purpose.  Along the way, we found our groove in the avenue of preserving memories. Whether through the loss of our own loved-ones or passion to provide an outlet for personal growth, to others, this business is about rising-up out of challenging circumstances and finding brighter days ahead.  So thank you, to each and every customer and referral who has trusted this company with their memories, or projects that turned into memories. We’re not just in business, we function because of the joy of memories.

Where Do I Pick Up and Drop Off My Items?

Local customers can save on shipping costs by dropping off and picking up their items at our store location at 700 B Walnut Street in Macon. This will be an option at checkout. 

How do I package my t-shirts for shipment or drop off?

Please watch the video demonstration below:


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